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The Breuss Massage is a very gentle Spinal Massage that safely stretches,

nourishes, aligns and energizes the spine. It not only needs nourishment

and rest, but also the right amount of ‘stress’ in the form of active move-

ments to maintain its strength and function. During the day our spine and

especially our ‘discs’ are stressed and they need to fulfil their duty as shock-

absorbers whenever we stand, walk or sit.

The Breuss Massage actually stretches the spine, and acts rather like a whole

nights worth of healthy sleeping.This is a gentle back and spinal treatment

including an arm and head massage with warming oil of your choice.

A neuromuscular approach to bring skeletal strucktures back into place


Everybody who learns and experiences the Breuss Massage is convinced

that this massage technique is unique, highly effective, safe and totally



Duration 30min

Price        27€ 


Foot Relax is a "pressure therapy" that involves applying focused pressure

to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease.

The treatment is based on the premise that areas on the foot correspond to

areas of the body. Our nerve zones go from the bottom of our feet to the top

of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way. These zones reflect

the energy body and blockages of this energy in the body are reflected

through "grits" or lumps" on the foot. Applying focused pressure to these

reflex points located in the foot stimulate the corresponding area and thereby

remove blockages in the energy body.

The benefits of a foot Relax session are manifold - calmness and serenity,

improved circulation, increased energy and balanced emotions among many

others. It is appropriate for all ages as well as for a variety of ailments.

Duration 45min

Price        36€ 


The sound massage affects each cell of the body. When sounding the singing

bowls on or near the body the vibration of the sound reaches each and every

cell via the water in our body.

Our body consists of about 80 % of water and Dr. Masaru Emoto* has proven

in his extensive research that water is an excellent carrier of information. This

is advantageous when sounding the singing bowls, which are placed on or near the client’s dressed body, as the healing sound vibration will then gently flow into the body, affecting the structure and health of cells and organs favourably.

Disease is a disharmony of the vibration of the cells, tissues and organs of the

body. The sound is absorbed by the body, flows through the body and re-

minds the cells about their original vibratory structure. In this way they have

a restoring effect, bring clarity, relaxation and new energy.

Duration 45min

Price        36€


Abhyanga is an ancient Indian full body oil massage therapy for healing and

detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. This ayurvedic detox and stress reduction

therapy is performed by herbal oils.

Ayurveda massage therapy is not only a muscle work but the approach is cellular. Warm sesame oil deeply penetrate cells and release physical, mental and spiritual toxins, hence it is detoxifying as well as healing cellular therapy. Hence the stress is removed from the root place thus it promotes self healing of cells.

Benefits of Abhyanga

    Rejuvenates the whole body

    Delays aging

    Relives fatigue

    Builds stamina

    Promotes deeper sleep

    Enhances complexion and luster of skin.

    Cleans your body (detoxify)

    Helps you avoid stress and enjoy a brightness of the senses

    Prevents stiffness of muscles

    Corrects digestion and blood pressure and enjoy better sleep

    Mind (Avoid bad thoughts and feel happy)

Duration 60min

Price        54€ 


Hot Stone

During Hot Stone Massage, smooth, flat basalt stones are heated to around 55 degrees Celsius. Some of the heated stones are used by the therapist to massage and work the muscles of the body. Others are placed on key energy points on the body. The heat from the stones permeates and relaxes the muscles allowing the therapist to work without using deep pressure. It is therefore suitable for those who prefer a deep relaxing massage. 


    Induces a state of deep relaxation.

    Reduces aches and pains.

    Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

    Calms the nervous system

    Releases toxins.

    Improves circulation

    Alleviates stress

Duration   30min / 60min

Price   36€ / 54€

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